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Getting a mortgage when you’re a IR35 contractor isn’t easy. A lot of high street banks and other lenders will limit how much you can borrow or turn you down altogether simply because you’re a contractor.

This can be very frustrating, especially when you’re working alongside permanent staff who earn less than you and have a similar notice period to you, but who are able to get mortgages with no trouble at all. 

So why is it so much harder to get the mortgage you need when you’re a well-paid contractor?

Well, if you’re like most IR35 contractors we speak to, then in order to work out what you earn per year, you probably take your day rate, multiply it by five days and then by 48 weeks to get your equivalent of an annual salary figure. 

But most mortgage lenders don’t think that way. They will just look at your tax-efficient, but small, net salary. And so instead of seeing you as a high-earner with potentially a six-figure salary, they’ll see you as someone on a low income who could be out of a job at a moment’s notice.

But here’s the good news…

At Mortgage Broker Services, we’ve built relationships with lenders who understand how IR35 contractors work and how you get paid and who will treat you the same way they’d treat a permanent employee. 

This means we can get you a mortgage based on your gross contract rate, allowing you to borrow way more than you’d get from a High Street bank. Plus, in most cases, you’ll be able to borrow up to 95% of the property value – just like a permanent employee could.

And we can do all this whether you work through your own company or an umbrella and regardless of whether your current contract is inside or outside IR35.

We can even help if you’ve just started a new contract, are coming to the end of your current one, or are brand new to the world of contracting.

To find out which mortgage offers you qualify for, fill in our one-minute enquiry form or call us on 0333 772 1551 to get straight through to a mortgage adviser (we don’t do call centres).

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Why Choose Us?

Because we specialise in mortgages for IR35 contractors, we can offer you access to all sorts of benefits you won’t find on the High Street or through other brokers.

Maximise your borrowing

We can get you a larger mortgage – one that’s based on your daily rate rather than on your company’s net profit figure or your own PAYE salary.

In other words, we can take your day rate, multiply it by the number of working days in the year, deduct a few weeks for holidays or gaps between contracts, and then present that figure to a lender as your “annual salary”. The lenders we work with will then typically look to lend you up to 5.5 this amount, just like they would if you were a permanent employee.

We can also arrange IR35 contractor mortgages of up to 95% loan to value, meaning you won’t need a huge deposit if you’re a first-time buyer.

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Flexible Appointments

If you go to your local bank you could be waiting weeks to get an appointment and, when you do get one, it’ll probably be at a time when you’re meant to be working.

Here at Mortgage Broker Services, we know that if you have to take time off to go to the bank or meet with a mortgage broker during the working day then you’re losing money.

That’s why we offer a choice of daytime or evening appointments every day of the week (including Sundays). So you can be sure that we’ll be able to find a convenient time to discuss your mortgage requirements and find you the right deal without it costing you lost hours on your timesheet.

No Minimum Contract Length

Sometimes we hear from IR35 contractors who think they won’t be able to get a mortgage because they are new to contracting or they don’t have long left until the end of their current contract.

Fortunately, we have access to specialist lenders who don’t mind how long you’ve been in your current contact or how long is left on it. So, whether you’ve just started a new contract, are coming to the end of your current one, or are brand new to the world of contracting we can still look to help you.

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Save Time and Money

We’ve got access to 1,000s of different mortgages from over 70 lenders, including exclusive deals that the lenders don’t offer direct to the public. That means we’ve got the best possible chance of finding you a mortgage that will save you money.

And we’ll save you time as well because we know what each lender typically wants to see and will ensure you gather those documents together upfront. In most cases, we’ll just need your contract, proof of ID and some bank statements to get your mortgage approved.

Plus, the fact that we deal with IR35 contractors day in and day out means that, unlike some other brokers, we’ll know right from the start which lender is most likely to accept you. So, we won’t waste time (or damage your credit score) by submitting applications to multiple lenders in the desperate hope of finding one who’ll say yes.



1. Get in touch

Give us a call or complete the 30-second enquiry form and one of our advisers will call you back. We don’t have call centres so that adviser will be your point of contact throughout your entire journey with us.

2. We’ll find your perfect mortgage

Once we’ve taken a few details we’ll compare 1,000s of deals from over 70 lenders to find the one that is the best fit for you.

3. We’ll do all the heavy lifting

Sit back and relax while we submit your application and all the required paperwork, keeping you regularly updated along the way.

4. ..until your mortgage is approved!

With our help you’ll have the greatest chance of being accepted for the mortgage you need at a competitive rate.

John AntoniouJohn Antoniou ★★★★★ From start to finish 5 star service. Errol came highly recommended from a good friend of mine who used his services. I found Errol to be very knowledgeable and polite, he updated me regularly, my mortgage application was seamless, from application to mortgage offer in under 7 days, wow, thank youRizaRiza ★★★★★ Erol is next level! He helped us in getting not only a mortgage within a few days but also changing our current flat to a buy-to-let with ease! Would highly recommend him! Thank you so much once againCarol MartinCarol Martin ★★★★★ Excellent!Beverley Jones (UK)Beverley Jones (UK) ★★★★★ As a first time buyer I was really nervous and uncertain around the complicated process of sorting out a the best mortgage options. I did my own research initially using search engines and then contacted Errol to see if he could improve on the options I’d found. He certainly could, and not only that but he was super helpful and fast to respond every time I reached out. As I was buying during a real boom period I asked him for mortgage offers for multiple properties changing price / deposit amounts and shared ownership options, durations and he even managed to get me a mortgage in principle for a very complicated old building, having personally researched the rules around and the different parts of the property and return this to me within 48hrs which was very impressive. He was patient, informative and a calming influence. I don’t think I’d have moved forward to purchase without his support! Highly recommended.Cee JayCee Jay ★★★★★ I approached Mortgage broker Services for help with a buy to let remortgage. Errol was informative, impartial, and knowledgeable in his products and offerings. I received the outcome that I was hoping for and a perfect service from start to finish.Steve LSteve L ★★★★★ Errol has professionally advised me and my family and friends on 6 mortgages over 4 years. 5 star service would strongly recommendIsabella HannahIsabella Hannah ★★★★★ Excellent service!!Errol has been an excellent mortgage broker. He has guided us all the way through the process, even to finding a suitable solicitor. Great communication and fast service. He found us a great rate even at really turbulent time. I’d definitely recommend.George ProductionGeorge Production ★★★★★ Errol was recommended to me by a colleague at work. From start to finish he has dealt with everything with great professionalism. I will be recommending his services to any friends, family and colleagues who are looking to buy a property. Errol is a credit to Mortgage Broker Services ...Komal BKomal B ★★★★★ Errol is my go to man for anything financially related. He is very efficient and gets things moving very quickly. He also tells you how it is so you don't waste time exploring avenues that are not suitable for you.Carol ParillonCarol Parillon ★★★★★ The best broker I have ever worked with. Give you sound advice and really finds the best product for you. He makes the mortgage process so seamless. The only broker I would recommend every day of the week. Huge thanks for your services.Kelsey LaytonKelsey Layton ★★★★★ Errol always provides an outstanding serviceHighly recommended to anyone and everyone will only ever use Errol whenever I need help with my finances.Thanks again for all your help.Jennifer McBrideJennifer McBride ★★★★★ I have used Errol Hall as my broker for several years now. He has dealt with complex staircasing mortgages, as well as re-mortgages and always finds me the best deals on the market. I've also used his recommendations for conveyancing and surveys. He always explains the process clearly and puts me at ease.I've recommended Errol to several friends and colleagues who have been equally happy with his services.Thanks Errol!bobby sokhibobby sokhi ★★★★★ I can’t recommend Errol enough, he’s worked really hard to accommodate. I will and have recommended Errol to my family and friends. Thank youLouiseLouise ★★★★★ js_loader
“Errol turned around 2 remortgages for me within a 4/5 week period and also a remortgage, Life Policy & Landlords insurance for my partner, which was completed within 5 weeks. Outstanding work from Errol. Would highly recommend Errol for your mortgages and mortgage protection.”
Antonio A
Proprietor - Diamond Cut Carpets
"I can't speak highly enough of Errol. Fantastic service from start to finish it was a lengthy and complicated process. He was at the end of phone any time of day, always available to answer questions, often at weekends. He has helped us out a great deal and provided a high quality service. One very happy customer.”
Rob K
Financial Controller - Climb Online
“Errol has helped us to buy our new home. He is very professional, well educated, polite and co-operative person. We wish him a great success in his career.”
Farukh A
Project Manager - UK Power Networks

70+ Lenders

Umbrella Companies Accepted

24 hr icon 407x407

Out of Hours Appointments

Foreign Nationals Accepted

Interest Only Options

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