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Do you feel like you have to jump through more hoops when applying for a mortgage just because you’re self-employed? And not sure which way to turn?

We’re here to help. We are mortgage advisers and we can help you navigate the self-employed mortgage market and any of the challenges you may face.

What is a self-employed mortgage?

There isn’t a specific product called a self-employed mortgage, you will be applying for the same mortgages as those who are employed. The key difference is that lenders look at self-employed earnings differently and have lending criteria that considers borrowers that do not have an employer to back up their earnings.

So, when it comes to applying for a mortgage, you will need to prove your income will cover your monthly mortgage payments.

How do I prove my self-employed income?

The documents lenders require as proof of income will depend on how you run your business and will be different for sole traders, partnerships, limited company directors and contractors. These proof of income documents could include SA302 forms, tax returns, business accounts, and bank statements.

You will usually be required to provide at least two to three years of business accounts and bank statements to prove that you have been earning consistently for some time. But if you haven’t, don’t feel you’re automatically written off, even if you’ve only been trading for a year – it’s possible we can source a mortgage for you.

Seeking advice is a good thing

If you’re self-employed, it makes sense to get a helping hand from a mortgage adviser.

We’ll help you compile all the documents you need and help you access a wide range of mortgages including those that are only available from specialists – who may offer more flexible options. An expert in your corner can find a solution that’s completely tailored to your needs.

Ready to get started? Speak to an expert self-employed adviser today.

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