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NHS Mortgages

What You Need to Know

Whilst there’s actually no such thing as an ‘NHS Mortgage’ it’s true that being an NHS employee can possibly give you access to special offers from a range of Mortgage Lenders.

Do NHS workers get discounts on mortgages?

Although entirely at the discretion of each individual lender, there is a wide range of Mortgage Lenders who offer discounts and special offers to health service employees. This can include reduced interest rates, lower or in some cases no arrangement fees and similar benefits. This is done in an effort to show their appreciation to the nature and importance of your service.

Those employed as a member of NHS clinical staff in one of the following trusts are usually entitled to such benefits:

NHS GP Surgeries

NHS Ambulance Trust

NHS Direct

The National Blood Transfusion Service

Dental practices with NHS status

The Health Protection Agency

Mental Healthcare and Social Care Trusts

NHS Primary Care and other Care Trusts

It is predominantly lenders who specialise in assisting NHS workers that provide these offers, rather than high street lenders. We can put you in touch with the lenders offering you the benefits most suited to your circumstances.

Whilst medical, administrative and housekeeping staff are not usually eligible for this type of benefit, all lenders are different. Therefore, we’ll be happy to look into your specific circumstances to see how you might be able to benefit.

Am I eligible for the NHS Key Worker mortgage scheme?

The key worker mortgage scheme was available to NHS workers, however, this particular scheme ended in 2019. There is currently no direct replacement. However, there is a range of other home ownership schemes that may be beneficial to NHS staff, whether you’re a First Time Buyer or further up the property ladder.

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Information on Home Ownership schemes.

Shared Ownership

This scheme, predominantly offered by housing associations allows buyers to purchase a share of the property, usually between 25%-75%. This means that you will need to borrow significantly less, making the mortgage more achievable and the repayments on your mortgage lower, which is ideal for those on a lower income.

You have the option to purchase more of your property when you can afford to but should bear in mind that you will have to pay rent for the remaining share of the property that you do not purchase until then.

Right to Buy

Whilst not available UK-wide, this scheme also makes buying a property easier for those on a lower income. Some tenants of local authority or housing associations are able to purchase the property that they live in. This will be at a significant reduction on the market value, through the Right to Buy scheme. If you’re currently a tenant and this is something that interests you, it’s worth checking whether this is a possibility.

How much can NHS staff borrow?

Mortgage Lenders use your overall affordability and credit status to gauge how much they are willing to lend you, so your actual job type or title has no impact on the amount of your loan.

Each lender’s criteria will vary slightly, but the average mortgage applicant can expect to borrow anywhere between four & five and a half times their annual income. 

It’s true that some NHS staff may qualify for a loan of up to 6 times their annual income. However, this level of borrowing is only currently available to newly qualified Doctors or Dentists.

How can Mortgage Broker Services help?

Here at Mortgage Broker Services, we’ve helped many NHS mortgage applicants to find the most suitable mortgage deal for them. Our advisers know which lenders specialise in NHS applicants and can therefore tailor our advice to your exact needs. We also understand that many NHS roles leave very little in the way of free time, which is why we aim to be available when you need us.


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