Worried a “credit blip” will stop you getting a mortgage?

mortgage with credit blip

The cost-of-living crisis and inflationary pressures has put pressure on people’s finances. And made it harder for people to get on the housing ladder due to affordability constraints and more people having a less than perfect credit history. How important is your credit history for mortgage lenders? Looking into your credit history is one of […]

I’m over 50 and want to apply for a mortgage

mortgages for over 50s

Getting a mortgage in your 50s and beyond used to be a challenge, but things have changed! Nowadays, mortgage lenders are more willing to help older applicants buy homes or refinance. So, if you’re thinking about getting a mortgage later in life, here’s what you need to know. Age limits and what lenders look for […]

Are you self-employed? We can help you navigate the mortgage market

Blog image self-employed

Do you feel like you have to jump through more hoops when applying for a mortgage just because you’re self-employed? And not sure which way to turn? We’re here to help. We are mortgage advisers and we can help you navigate the self-employed mortgage market and any of the challenges you may face. What is […]

The healthy extras you get with protection insurance

protection insurance

Have a healthy new year with the additional health services included in your protection insurance As a new year begins you may want a fresh start for you and your families’ health. Did you know that many insurance policies offer access to a range of health and wellbeing services that can help? You also don’t […]

The essentials you need to know about credit checks before borrowing money

credit checks

The information a lender finds during a credit check is important It could affect whether you’re able to borrow money, including through a mortgage, and the interest rate you’re offered. Yet, they can also seem perplexing. Indeed, a Royal London survey found that a third of Brits had never looked at their credit report. The […]

Should I get an interest-only mortgage?

should I get interest only

If you’re about to come off a fixed rate mortgage, then you could be forgiven for wondering what’s in store for you. Until relatively recently, interest rates have been at near-historic lows for over a decade. In the last two years, though, they’ve rocketed. Higher interest rates, coupled with the cost-of-living crisis and high inflation […]

Remortgaging as a landlord: what to consider with a Buy to Let mortgage

buy to let remortgage

If you’re looking for a Buy to Let mortgage in the current economic climate, the prospect may feel a little daunting. There’s no denying that as a landlord, due to remortgage, you may be facing higher mortgage rates and monthly payments which could put a squeeze on your profits. But a Mortgage Broker Services adviser can […]

What’s the difference between a product transfer and a remortgage?

Product Transfer or Remortgage

If you want to stay on top of your mortgage repayments and ensure you’re getting the right deal for your circumstances then remortgaging is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. But is it best to change to a new mortgage product with your current lender via a product transfer or look […]

Could mortgage relief measures risk a financial shortfall later on?

financial shortfall

New measures agreed by banks and building societies to help homeowners with their mortgage payments could be a financial risk as they face a higher total interest bill but a lower income in retirement. Lenders have been encouraged by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to offer more flexibility to homeowners through a new ‘Mortgage Charter’ to support […]

Protection policies – added value benefits

protection policies

Healthy benefits included for you and your family? Now those are some little things that can make a big difference. Protection policies aren’t just there for when things go wrong. Many protection insurers include access to a range of health and wellbeing support services – and you don’t need to claim to be able to […]

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